Standards for XR Terminology Defined

TVTechnology reports that the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has released their “first-ever standard addressing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.”

Developed by the CTA’s Portable Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee, this new standard provides official definitions for the following terms:

360 Spatial Audio
Augmented Reality
Mixed Reality
Room-Scale VR
Six Degrees-of-Freedom
Spherical Video
Three Degrees-of-Freedom
Virtual Reality
VR Video and VR Images
X Reality

Although these terms are well-known to those in VR/AR/MR circles, establishing clear “official” definitions will help to clarify product features for consumers and manufacturers, and hopefully increase awareness and mainstream adoption.

The new standard can be obtained for free at CTA’s website, after registering for a free account.


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