Augmented reality adoption by TV broadcasters

NewscastStudio, the Trade Publication for Broadcast Production, recently provided highlights from their roundtable with broadcast solution providers, to discuss the use of augmented and virtual reality in broadcast television.

Here are some of the key comments from providers such as Avid, Brainstorm, Vizrt, Full Mental Jacket, and ChyronHego:

“We’re definitely on the front end of the adoption curve for VR. This is mainly due to the expense of HMDs (which is coming down), the growing number of fragmented platforms, and the lack of compelling content, which can be costly to produce. All of these factors are contributing to the slow rate of growth in VR. You could make the case that AR is further behind VR,” said Ray Thompson, Director of Broadcast & Media Solutions at Avid. “While social platforms like Snapchat have added some basic levels of AR, and Pokémon Go has helped raise AR’s profile, we primarily see AR being used in broadcast as a way to augment and enhance storytelling for news, weather, and sports.”

“I think it’s a little soon to expect mass adoption of AR/VR solutions, but we are seeing progress. The availability of flexible and reliable optical tracking systems like the Mo-SyS Star Tracker, together with the recent publicity around the use of the Unreal engine in AR/VR applications, is beginning to have a real impact,” Olivier Cohen, Senior Product Manager at ChyronHego.

NewscastStudio plans to share more of their responses as part of their Focus on Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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