Jurassic World VR is Dave and Buster’s Biggest Game Launch Ever

According to Variety, since launching in June of this year “Jurassic World VR Expedition” is the biggest game launch in Dave and Buster’s history:

Betting on virtual reality (VR) seems to be working out for Dave & Buster’s: The company’s new “Jurassic World VR Expedition” ride has turned into the biggest game launch in the company’s history, CEO Brian Jenkins revealed during Dave & Buster’s Q2 2018 earnings call Friday.

“Guest response has been strong and bodes well for future game releases on this platform,” Jenkins said, adding that the company planned to launch a second VR title towards the end of the year. “The plan is to build a library of VR content that allow us to capitalize on this opportunity for years to come,” he said.

Location Based Entertainment (LBE) continues to be a lucrative market for virtual reality content. Other venues such as The VOID, Two Bit Circus, and Dreamscape Immersive continue to popularize “out-of-home” virtual reality. The lower price point and capability for enhanced experiences (not possible at home) have resonated with mainstream audiences as well as VR enthusiasts.

The full article can be found at Variety.


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