FRONTLINE and Emblematic Group Publish Best Practices for VR Journalism

Based on three years of experience collaborating on immersive journalism projects, FRONTLINE and Emblematic Group have published their best practices for virtual reality journalism.

The report is an in-depth guide to all aspects of VR journalism, including:

  • State of the Technology
  • Opportunities and Challenges
  • Research
  • Guiding Principles

From the Introduction:

For the last three years, journalists, producers, designers and engineers from FRONTLINE and Emblematic Group have worked together to produce two VR experiences that each deploy the power of fully immersive, room-scale VR in the service of deeply reported narrative journalism. As part of the initiative, The Media Impact Project, a research organization at USC’s Annenberg Norman Lear Center which studies the impact of media on society, conducted testing exploring how the new technology being used by FRONTLINE and Emblematic engages and informs audiences.

What follows are the lessons gleaned throughout this collaborative effort, shared to foster future opportunities for meaningful immersive journalism, and to help establish standards to guide other journalists and media organizations participating in this developing field.

The complete report can be found here.


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