Spacial Reality Exhibit Explores the Future of XR

The sp[a]ce art gallery in Pasadena, CA will host “Spatial Reality: Artists Explore the Future of XR,” from October 12th to 28th.

Curated by Jesse Damiani, the exhibit will feature works by artists exploring VR, AR, and MR including Wesley AllsbrookBill BarminskiCan BüyükberberNancy Baker CahillIsaac “Cabbibo” CohenJorge R. GutierrezDrue KataokaKevin MackSteve Teeps, Michael Scroggins and more.

According to Damiani:

XR—a spectrum of ‘extended’ reality that includes virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)—three-dimensionalizes the virtual world. After a half-century of computing in 2D, we are suddenly adding in the full expression of our bodies and our understanding of space.

The advent of mainstream immersive technologies is the single greatest amplification of human capability since the discovery of fire, a paradigm shift so massive we’ve only just begun to taste its impact. Marshall McLuhan famously claimed that “the medium is the message”—that the “message” inherent in any technology is the change of pace or pattern it introduces into human reality.

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