XR for Media Newsfeed – October 19, 2019

Stories this week include more on Avengers: Damage Control at The VOID, the shutdown of Google’s Daydream VR platform, the Mona Lisa in VR, BBC ending its two-year VR experiment, and much more below:

Collider: First Impressions: We’ve Played the ‘Avengers: Damage Control’ VR

Wired: Avengers: Damage Control Pushes VR to New Heights 

Variety: Google Ships Pixel 4 Without Daydream VR Support, Stops Selling Daydream Viewer

Engadget: Google’s Daydream VR experiment is over

Engadget: The (Day)dream is over: Phone-based VR is well and truly dead

UploadVR: The Death Of Daydream Isn’t The Death Of The Dream, VR’s Just Growing Up

New York Times: Meeting the ‘Mona Lisa’ for an Intimate (Virtual) Rendezvous

UploadVR: BBC’s VR Work Will Continue As VR Hub Stops Commissioning + Production

Engadget: BBC winds down its in-house VR production team

Forbes: Can Virtual Reality Capture The Experience Of Being In A Museum?

Variety: AmazeVR Strikes Immersive Content Distribution Deal With Atlas V, Felix & Paul Studios (EXCLUSIVE)

Fortune: Meet the Executive Leading Facebook’s Big Augmented and Virtual Reality Push

a.list: Virtual Reality Marketing In The Time Of Oculus Quest

Motley Fool: AR and VR Are Cool Tech Ideas, but They Are Not Hot Investments

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Roy Kachur is a Media Technologist, IT Architect, and VR Evangelist. He has worked in the information technology field since the 1990’s, and in the media industry since 2014. He believes that VR will play a significant role in the future of media.

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  • “The Death Of Daydream Isn’t The Death Of The Dream, VR’s Just Growing Up” – sounds about right! I’m not surprised that they’re stopping support for smartphone VR. With standalone headsets out for a while now, VR growing up seems like an accurate assessment.

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