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XR for Media Newsfeed – January 25, 2020

This week’s news includes Sundance 2020 VR experiences; Colin Farrell voicing a VR character; a VR climate change experience; Oculus drops the Go from its business platform; Disney’s “Frozen 2” VR short; Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is the Ultimate VR; and the BBC’s VR learnings from library partnership:

UploadVR: A New Children’s Book Uses VR And AR To Create Immersive Storytelling

UploadVR: Sundance Film Festival 2020 Begins This Week, Featuring Several VR Experiences

Variety: UniFrance Puts Spotlight on Emerging French VR Sector at Rendez-Vous

UploadVR: Watch Colin Farrell Voice VR In Gloomy Eyes Behind-The-Scene Video

UploadVR: Oculus, UN, Sida and XR Impact Present New Climate Change VR Experience, Be Earth

TheVerge: Oculus is dropping the Oculus Go from its business platform

c|Net: Disney’s ‘top secret’ Frozen 2 VR short is heading to Sundance this month

TechCrunch: Disney’s ‘Myth: A Frozen Tale’ should be a case study for anyone filmmaking in VR

VR/focus: CES 2020 Interview: Collaborating In A Mixed Reality World With Spatial

UploadVR: VR Movies Dear Angelica And Henry Arrive On Oculus Quest, But You Should Watch Them With Link

UploadVR: Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance Shows Why Disney Parks Are The Ultimate VR

BBC: Getting VR to mainstream audiences: what we learnt from our partnership with local libraries


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XR for Media Newsfeed – January 18, 2020

This week’s news includes CES 2020 wrap-ups; Disney’s “Frozen 2” VR short; artist uses VR to recreate lost ecosystems; Bigscreen’s VR partnership with Paramount continues; Doctor Who VR Experience “The Runaway”; VRrOOm launces VR platform for immersive live events, and more!

Digital Bodies: Samsung’s AR Glasses Revealed at CES 2020

UploadVR: CES 2020 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed

TheGamer: Location Based Virtual Reality Needs Esports To Survive

Animation Magazine: Disney’s ‘Myth’ VR Stirs the Spirits of ‘Frozen II’

Forbes: The Age Of Virtual Reality Tourism Is Fast Approaching

ArtNet News: This Artist Is Using VR to Recreate Lost Ecosystems in the Era of Climate Change

VRScout: Oculus Cinema Takeover Is How The Modern Moviegoing Experience Should Be

VR/focus: Bigscreen Cinema’s Partnership With Paramount Continues Adding More Content Enter the TARDIS in ‘Doctor Who’ VR Special ‘The Runaway

UploadVR: CES 2020: A Reality Check For The VR And AR Industries

VoyageLA: Meet Christina Heller of Metastage in Sylmar

VRScout: Triton VR Brings Multiplayer Location-Based VR To Quest, Free Alpha Available

UploadVR: Editorial: For A Shot At Survival HTC Vive May Have To Leave Consumers Behind

c|Net: Disney’s ‘top secret’ Frozen 2 VR short is heading to Sundance this month

Broadway World: MelodyVR Launches Virtual Reality Music Discovery Month Feat. Ashnikko and More

a.list: Virtual And Mixed Reality Dominate CES As Consumer Adoption Of Tech Goes Mainstream

VRScout: Bigscreen Announces New Lineup Of Space-Themed Movies Heading To VR Theaters

Hartford Courant: A brand new virtual reality exhibit will take you behind the scenes of Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I have a dream’ speech

Variety: VRrOOm to Launch VR Platform for Immersive, Multi-User Streaming of Live Events


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