XR for Media Newsfeed – February 2, 2020

This week’s news includes Rebuilding Notre Dame in VR; more on Disney’s “Frozen 2” VR short film; location-based AmazeVR raises more cash; Amazon’s AR/VR streaming over 5G; “Gloomy Eyes” VR film comes to Quest, Rift, and Vive; and a communal VR music video journey:

UploadVR: Oculus Introduces Rebuilding Notre Dame VR — Before And After Fire

Variety: ‘Frozen 2’-Inspired VR Film ‘Myth’ Creates Beautifully Immersive ‘Fairy Tale Within a Fairy Tale’

c|Net: Disney fans will love Frozen VR. When can they see it? Maybe…never

TechCrunch: Los Angeles’ AmazeVR raises more cash, heads to Incheon for first location-based VR installation

RoadToVR: Amazon Promises “single-digit latency” for AR/VR Streaming Over 5G with AWS Wavelength

AnimationMagazine: ARTE Brings Poetic VR Project ‘Gloomy Eyes’ to Quest, Rift & Vive

VRScout: Communal VR Music Video Took Us On A Volumetric Journey Through Reggae, Classical, Grime, And Calypso


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