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XR for Media Newsfeed – March 29, 2020

This week’s news includes more on the Coronavirus and Virtual Reality; Second Life maker officially calls it quits on VR follow-up; virtual Disney rides; VR math lesson in Half-Life: Alyx; the demise of Samsung Gear VR; virtual museum tours, and more:

Digital Bodies: Seeing the Coronavirus in Virtual Reality

c|net: Hospital uses VR to show how the coronavirus impacts the lungs

TechCrunch: Second Life-maker calls it quits on their VR follow-up

RoadToVR: HTC to Hold All of Its GDC 2020 Talks Live Online, Including Audience Q&A

BuzzFeed: I Just Discovered Virtual Disney Rides And Now My Quarantine Is So Much Better

VRScout: World’s Greatest Teacher Delivers VR Math Lesson In Half-Life: Alyx

SlashGear: Samsung Gear VR being put to rest as Oculus apps slowly go dark

Forbes: Coronavirus Has Made WFH The New Normal. Here’s How Virtual Reality Can Help

Complex: Live Shows Are Canceled—More Virtual Reality Concerts Are Coming

Abacus: Will the pandemic give a boost to virtual reality?

CreativePlanetNetwork: Stay Indoors Inspiration: Take a (Virtual) Museum Tour


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Ars Technica’s Review of Half-Life: Alyx

Although we don’t usually cover games here at XR4Media, it’s impossible to ignore the biggest VR gaming news of the year. Monday March 23rd gave us the release of Half-Life: Alyx, a monumental event for the VR industry, which many VR enthusiasts believe will be the “savior” of virtual reality.

Personally, I have been a huge fan of the Half-Life series and am incredibly excited and impressed with the game so far (I am about a third of the way through it). I plan to provide a full review after I finish it.

Meanwhile, the many reviews published in the past week have been overwhelmingly positive. From what I have experienced of the game, I can say for sure that it has the most impressive level design of any VR game to date, providing the most amazing sense of realism I’ve ever seen in VR.

From all the reviews I’ve read or watched in the past week, the one that best captures the essence of Half-Life: Alyx is written by Sam Machkovech of Ars Technica. If you are at all interested in Half-Life, virtual reality, or the state of VR gaming, you owe it to yourself to read his review:

Ars Technica: Half-Life: Alyx review: The greatest VR adventure game yet—and then some

Look for for my personal review coming soon, which will elaborate on how games like the original Half-Life, Doom, and others planted the seeds for my interest in VR almost 30 years ago. Stay tuned!


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Roy Kachur is a Media Technologist, IT Architect, and VR Evangelist. He has worked in the information technology field since the 1990’s, and in the media industry since 2014. He believes that VR will play a significant role in the future of media.

XR for Media Newsfeed – March 22, 2020

This week’s news includes Martin Luther King’s VR March on Washington; the Coronavirus and Virtual Reality; VR arcades closing; Magic Leap’s future in doubt; Virtual Disney attractions; and more:

Immerse: Immersive Non-Fiction Highlights of 2019

CreativePlanetNetwork: Join MLK’s 1963 March on Washington… in Virtual Reality

Digital Bodies: The Coronavirus and Virtual Reality

Venture Beat: Oculus Quest’s best media apps

Forbes: Is VR The Solution To The Impact Coronavirus Is Having On The Events Industry?

Forbes: VR Takes The Stage As Conferences Cancel

VRGear: The NBA Season is Postponed – This is Why VR Should Care

Digital Bodies: Magic Leap’s Future in Doubt with Sale or Partnership

VRScout: CEO Shows Life In China Under Coronavirus Quarantine With 360 VR Video

UploadVR: Vertigo Arcades Offering Relief Packages To LBE VR Customers In Response To Coronavirus Outbreak

TechCrunch: Virtual reality scales back its real world presence Stuck on the Couch? Here’s How to Take a Virtual ‘Ride’ On Your Favorite Disney Attractions

Forbes: How Virtual Reality Could Help The Travel & Tourism Industry In The Aftermath Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

McKnight’s: Harnessing the power of virtual reality to reduce social isolation amid a global pandemic

Hackernoon: Will the Corona Virus Aftermath Lead to a Resurgence in Virtual Reality?


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XR for Media Newsfeed – March 1, 2020

This week’s news includes Cannes Film Festival VR expansion; Linden Lab spins off “Sansar”; Oculus TV Documentary “Everest VR”; VR Journey “The Dawn of Art” with Daisy Ridley; Sundance VR recap; Boulder International Film Festival, and more:

Variety: Cannes Film Festival Plots Major Expansion to VR Program

RoadToVR: Linden Lab Planning to Spin Off ‘Sansar’ to Refocus on ‘Second Life’

VRScout: Jaw-Dropping Oculus TV Documentary ‘Everest VR’ Is An Absolute Must-Watch

VR and Fun: ‘The Dawn of Art’ Takes You On A VR Journey Voiced By Daisy Ridley From Star Wars

VRScout: VR Multiplayer Art Exhibit ‘Museum of Other Realities’ Now Available On PC VR

CNN: How virtual reality is changing the live music experience

Engadget: Google’s latest VR app lets you gaze at prehistoric paintings


Yahoo!: Boulder International Film Festival Showcases the Latest Virtual Reality Films and Augmented Reality Art


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