XR for Media Newsfeed – September 27, 2020

Here are this week’s top stories on VR, AR, and MR in the Media industry:

Digital Bodies: Oculus Rift S Gone – The End of PC-only VR Headsets?

Slate: The Race to Map Reality so Silicon Valley Can Augment It Is On

Auganix.org: VRStudios launches Virtual Reality sports platform to integrate players’ at home and LBE VR gaming experiences

Variety: VR Content Producers Eye Online Distribution Opportunities

Variety: Michel Reilhac on How Festivals Are Launching a Joint VR Platform

Variety: NewImages Festival Seeks to Be a ‘Lab for New Forms of Visual Storytelling’

The Verge: Facebook is turning VR into a platform – but some indie developers fear its power

Page Six: Stars are lining up for Van Jones’ virtual reality-TV experiment

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