XR for Media Newsfeed – October 27, 2020

Here are this week’s top stories on VR, AR, and MR in the Media industry:

Digital Bodies: David Attenborough’s Fascinating Look at Insects in VR

The Ghost Howls: Google 6DOF videos review: move inside VR videos!

The Ghost Howls: Kevin Williams: LBVR is not dead, it is rising again

UploadVR: Apple Announces 5G-Capable iPhone 12 Pro With LiDAR-Enhanced AR

RoadToVR: Facebook’s Expanded VR Policies Disallow “invading personal space” and “sexual gestures

UploadVR: The Business Of Showbusiness: How Atlas V Is Producing Some Of VR’s Best Movies

VRFocus: The Virtual Arena: The Ascendance Of Arena-Scale Entertainment – Part 1

VRFocus: The Virtual Arena: The Ascendance Of Arena-Scale Entertainment – Part 2

Polygon: The VR revolution has been 5 minutes away for 8 years

PC Gamer: Facebook VP of VR recommends checking your account is in ‘good standing’ before buying a Quest 2

Business Insider: The ousted founder of Facebook’s virtual-reality unit Oculus is paying a bounty to anyone who can hack his former employer’s new virtual-reality headset

GlobalNewswire: Felix & Paul Studios and TIME Studios Debut Episode One of Space Explorers: The ISS Experience, the Largest Production Ever Filmed in Space

VRScout: Amazon Introduces AR Packages In Celebration Of Halloween

TIME: Space Explorers: The ISS Experience Previews

VRScout: Building The Future Of Immersive Theater Technology With The Musical Theatre Factory

CNBC: The NBA made it through its pandemic season, now it looks to 5G and VR in a post-Covid world

VRScout: Spotify Launches 8th Wall Powered AR Experience For New Sam Smith Single

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