Welcome to XR4Media.com — your destination for news, commentary and resources for immersive technology in the Media industry. Collectively known as “XR”, the topics of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are covered in depth at XR4Media.com.

My goal for the site is to aggregate, curate and report on the latest developments in immersive media technology. I will be covering all areas of media including Film & TV, Journalism, Sports, and Themed Entertainment.

XR technology continues to offer enormous potential for the media industry, with more consumers becoming aware of VR, AR, and MR devices and applications. The current popularity of location-based VR attractions is a perfect example of increased awareness and adoption of XR by a mainstream audience.

XR4Media.com is the go-to source for media professionals, technologists, and consumers looking for the latest information on VR, AR, and MR for the media industry.


Roy Kachur, Editor and Publisher