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Ringling Offers BFA Degree in Virtual Reality Development

Ringling College of Art and Design (Sarasota, FL) is offering a new Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Virtual Reality Development.

Ringling College’s Virtual Reality Development students will pioneer and push forward advancements in a new—and explosive—medium for art and artists. As a student of this complete undergraduate program, the first of its kind in the world of art and design, you will learn to design, create, and analyze immersive experiences in countless industries, including gaming, healthcare, architecture, advertising, and education.

Here is a snapshot of the curriculum:Virtual-Reality-Development-Curriculum-Map-2018-2019

Further information can be found at Ringling’s website.


SCAD Offers Immersive Reality Degree program at Savannah Campus

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is now offering a BFA degree in Immersive Reality.

According to SCADworks, the official SCAD blog:

SCAD is at the vanguard of augmented, virtual and mixed reality education. In 2017, the university announced SCAD+, a business launcher for gaming and digital products. The yearlong entrepreneurial program is designed to help SCAD alumni develop viable, tech-driven businesses. One of the inaugural SCAD+ projects is the VR game “TSA Frisky,” created by alumni Remy Bustani (B.F.A., sequential art, 2017), Preston O’Bryan (B.A., interactive design and game development, 2017), and Christian Willet (B.A., interactive design and game development, 2017), where players enter the role of airport security agents and earn points while demonstrating the practical everyday applications of the technology.

The following courses are offered in the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Immersive Reality major curriculum:

  • ARVR 110 Immersive Revolution: Augmented to Virtual Reality
  • MOME 130 Motion Media Design Techniques I
  • SNDS 208 Immersive Sound Design
  • VSFX 210 Digital Visual Effects
  • ITGM 236 Core Principles: Game Art
  • ANIM 250 Digital Form, Space and Lighting
  • ITGM 220 Core Principles: Programming
  • MOME 221 Virtual Reality for Motion Media
  • ITGM 266 Core Principles: Game Tech
  • ARVR 300 Game Engine Applications for Immersive Computing
  • ARVR 305 Visual Effects for Immersive Environments
  • FILM 343 Visual Storytelling: Virtual Reality to Interactive
  • SDGM 310 Integration of Immersive Realities
  • TECH 312 Advanced Application Scripting
  • ITGM 347 Applied Principles: Physical Computing
  • VSFX 375 Advanced Programming for Visual Effects
  • ARVR 440 Immersive Reality Professional Portfolio
  • ARVR 471 Immersive Game Lab
  • ARVR 472 Immersive Animation Lab
  • ARVR 473 Immersive Film Lab
  • ARVR 474 Augmented Reality Lab
  • ARVR 475 Immersive Innovation Lab

More information is available at SCAD’s website.